Partnering With An Independent Consultant

As I write this, the Conservative Party conference has ended and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has given his keynote address.  Although it was optimistic, it is impossible, even for someone as ‘glass half full’ as Mr Johnson, to deny that many business sectors are facing a tough winter. 

With numerous organisations looking at how they can trim costs, energy prices are coming increasingly under the spotlight.  Not only are business customers looking for cost-effective energy, most understand that in the 21st century, ‘green’ is now the way to go in terms of price and PR advantages.  

However, although the drive to secure cheaper, greener energy exists, for SMEs, often the resources, knowledge, and consumer buying power does not.  And this is where partnering with an experienced energy consultant can reap vast rewards – as they can provide all three of these much-needed qualities. 

Experience and independence designed to benefit you 

The Maximeyes Group has been a significant player in the energy sector for 16 years.  During that time, we have developed relationships with all the UK’s energy suppliers.  We have remained independent, so clients’ benefit from the ability to work with the best provider for their business, rather than be limited to one or two suppliers. 

Because the Maximeyes Group focuses only on energy procurement, we have the expertise required to structure energy supply contracts and complex corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  Furthermore, we are the only energy consultant in the country that can offer exclusively renewable energy and low carbon solutions, via our sister company Optimeyes. 

Having assembled a team of employees and partners who are energy procurement experts, the Maximeyes Group have a 98.8% customer retention rate.   

Taking care of your procurement from beginning to end 

The key advantage of working with an energy procurement consultant such as Maximeyes is that the contractual relationship between your business and your energy supplier will be managed by a third party who has the technical knowledge and resources that may not be present in your organisation.  From structuring the contract, to getting the answers to queries, to managing any disputes that arise, the Maximeyes and Optimeyes teams will take the task of energy procurement off your shoulders.  This means you can direct your resources to other areas, such as innovation, customer service, or developing new revenue streams. 

Working with the Maximeyes Group removes the challenge of examining the entire energy market to establish who can provide the best PPA or energy supply contract for your organisation’s needs.  Furthermore, Maximeyes and Optimeyes take away the resource draining and stressful task of unravelling supplier mistakes. 

Final words 

The two biggest challenges facing businesses today are Covid-19 and Brexit.  Both involve great uncertainty.  Working with an energy procurement consultant to secure a long-term supply contract mitigates the risk created by volatile energy prices which have occurred in recent months.  This provides certainty over one of the highest outgoings of most organisations, leaving you to focus on developing your products and services and meeting customer needs. 


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