Specialist Solutions for Your Sector

Regardless of your sector we have a range of solutions and services which can be tailored to meet the needs of your business

With rising energy costs crippling your bottom line, there is a real opportunity for you to significantly reduce your energy consumption and utilise more cost effective, sustainable energy sources, to reduce your costs by up to 40%.

“maximeyes have used their great business relationship to assist in some of our more complex sites and they have provided a huge amount of support in terms of our long-term energy strategy and day-to-day management of all accounts and costs. They take charge and drive forward solutions, often coming up with new ideas to streamline costs of utilities or administration processes related to managing such a large portfolio. Their account management service is second to none and we can always rely on them to deal with any issues we encounter. We would not hesitate to suggest that other hotel management companies work with maximeyes as it would definitely improve their operations and costs.”


Utilities 360 Solution

Utilities 360 is a unique product offered exclusively by Maximieyes to businesses in all sectors. It has been developed based on 12 years of consulting experience with businesses from all sectors and industry types. Tell us your biggest business challenges and let us use our resources and infrastructure to come up with solutions to help you.

Utilities 360 bespoke services include:

If you’d like to know how your business energy consumption compares to other in your sector, ask us about a free energy audit, and let’s talk about how we can reduce your energy cost. You have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.

“I think you are a great company. Honestly on a day to day basis and being in the profession for so many years I just cannot help but to admire you. As they say you are as good as your team or your manager. I was very stressed about the issue with MA and Kyle’s assistance was a great relief and appreciated.”


Why choose us

We help companies within all sectors with a complete 360 utility solution. We’re different from a traditional broker as we work as part of your business with a focus on helping you achieve your goals.

We’ve been working with a wide range of businesses for over 12 years so we understand the needs of your business and the unique challenges you face.

Whatever point have reached in your energy strategy journey we can help you find and implement the right solution to achieve your goals.

Our team of specialists utilises their extensive sector experience to help you reduce your consumption and manage your costs.

Contact us to find out more about our specialist service for Your Business

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