Obtaining Corporate Pricing For Your Energy Needs

Purchase Power Agreements (PPAs) have existed for almost two decades.  However, many businesses that want to take advantage of the savings they offer, especially in the green energy space, are unfamiliar with how they work.  That is where we come in.  For over 16 years, we have been partnering with businesses in a variety of industries such as hotels, care homes, and retail, helping them optimise energy efficiency, thereby reducing costs. 

PPAs provide a way for smaller organisations to purchase their energy directly from an energy producer.  They comprise of long-term contracts, a fact which can make those interested in purchasing energy in this way slightly nervous.  After all, large conglomerates have the in-house expertise required to successfully understand and negotiate a 20-year agreement (although PPA contract terms have been shortened to 15, 12, or in some cases 10 years to meet buyer demands).  Most SMEs do not have this level of specialist in-house resource. 

Our clients feel confident in entering into a PPA because we provide expertise at the outset and manage the entire contractual process.  From structuring the contract to getting the answers to queries, to managing any disputes that arise, the Maximeyes and Optimeyes teams will take the task of energy procurement off your shoulders.   

A brief guide to PPAs 

A PPA is a contract between a corporate buyer (off-taker) and the power producer (developer, independent power producer, or investor) to purchase electricity at approved prices for pre-agreed periods.  The agreement covers the commercial terms of the electricity sale: length of the agreement, delivery point/date, volume, and price.  The electricity can be supplied by existing renewable energy assets or new build projects. 

The advantages of a PPA include: 

Working alongside our team, who have relationships with all the UK’s main energy suppliers, your SME can access the same benefits as a large corporation.  Furthermore, you can be confident that we will ensure all necessary elements of the PPA are examined and negotiated. 

Contractual considerations when negotiating a PPA 

During PPA negotiations, you need to consider: 

In addition to these points, there must be an in-depth understanding of the off-taker’s energy requirements and how much of this can be met by the PPA.  Many consumers are unaware that a renewable energy PPA will not meet all their energy needs.  Our team, having managed hundreds of PPAs over the past 16 years, will work out the level of PPA your business needs and the most effective way to source the balance of your energy requirements. 

Concluding comments 

The Maximeyes Group assists SMEs exploring the benefits of PPAs.  Our knowledge and experience ensure the process is smooth, from beginning to end, and your risk is mitigated through careful planning and negotiation.  By managing the process on your behalf, you are left free to focus resources on your customers and developing further revenue streams. 


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