The Maximeyes Group, one of the UKs most innovative energy companies, has acquired a significant stake in leading battery storage company, Puredrive Energy. The new strategic partnership will create a platform from which consumers can reduce their dependency upon the Grid, making substantial savings in energy costs, whilst ensuring that fuel poverty becomes a thing of the past.

Puredrive Energy is leading innovation in the battery storage sector, with the founders, Mark Millar and Stuart Storrer, who have more the 30 years of combined global experience in battery technology, known as the battery brains of Britain.

Puredrive Energy is revolutionising the way consumers source and consume electrical power, reducing their dependency on the UK’s power Grid, whilst returning savings of up to 70% to the consumer. The software being developed is unlocking greater revenue for home batteries by using machine learning to predict household load and generation, optimising responses at sub-second level. It aims to use its software to export and import at best prices, as well as earn money by providing frequency services to the Electricity System Operator. Puredrive is also the creator of the PureStorage community where households can come together to aggregate their capacity and be a part of a Virtual Power Plant, creating shared revenues and benefits.

Shamir Jiwa, CEO and founder of The Maximeyes Group, comments, “Puredrive Energy really is at the forefront of innovation in energy. The team have and continue to create the smartest storage system in the market, regardless of where and how energy is generated, we know that it will need to be stored. Just look at how battery technology has revolutionised the telecoms industry by enabling mobile phones, we are now at the genesis of the next generation storage revolution for households. It is our belief that smart battery systems will be as prevalent as double glazing in the next 10 years, and we are positioning ourselves in a sector where we can build a leading global brand starting in the UK.”

Mark Millar, CEO and Co-founder of Puredrive Energy comments, “With the Grid struggling to meet increased demands from new technology, such as electric and autonomous vehicles, domestic and commercial battery storage systems herald the future, providing much-needed additional power to meet these rising demands. In addition, we are one of the few battery suppliers who design and manufacture in the UK. The new strategic partnership with The Maximeyes Group will help fund and support the growth of battery storage solutions in the domestic, commercial and off-grid sectors in the UK.”

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