Is your energy supply under threat of disconnection?

If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a disconnection process, You will know how stressful this situation is. Not only is management time expended on matters of which you have little experience, buy you have the added pressure of being responsible for keeping the lights on – literally!

Energy suppliers do not take the decision to apply for a disconnection warrant lightly and when they do it can feel like you are dealing with an unstoppable, inevitable outcome.

This isn’t always the case. Often suppliers want to avoid disconnection as much the customer, but payment problems breach trust and affect credibility.  Maximeyes is the energy consulting business that can help.

We work with all of the main energy suppliers in the UK. Our account management team is used to managing contractual arrangements for everybody’s benefit.

Victoria Thomson our Head of Customer Care and Account Management is available to give advice to any organisation that finds themselves in this difficult position.

At Maximeyes we manage an estate of over 3000 meters and based on the experience we have gained looking after a diverse range of businesses, our advice to any organisation for whom disconnection is a threat is as follows:

Maximeyes (UK) Limited is one of the UK’s leading utility consultancies. For over 16 years we have been working with businesses to provide them with simple solutions to help them reduce the cost of their electricity, gas, water, telecoms and waste services. We’ve helped businesses to streamline their operations and significantly reduce their costs whilst delivering award winning customer service. We can help you with anything from negotiating your supply contracts, to analysing your energy usage or validating your bills. Unlike an energy broker, we also offer a range of energy solutions to help you reduce your consumption, as well as your costs.


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