HM Government paying hotels for use of facilities in light of the Covid-19 virus


























We are contacting all of our hotel clients as we have an opportunity to raise to you:


HM government are looking for hotels for various purposes in light of the Covid-19 virus.   In all instances, whether it’s for precautionary quarantine, isolation or supporting medical facilities, the Government would need total exclusive use of a venue to include all areas including bedrooms, public areas, meeting facilities, bar/restaurants, health club, car parking, etc.   Hotel personnel would be onsite to cover reception and catering provisions.

The initial term would be for x31 consecutive days, for which there is then the option to continue for periods of 30 consecutive days.

If you would like for your properties to be considered can you kindly confirm, for each property:

•  Venue Name

•  Address

•  Website

•  No of bedrooms

•  No of meeting rooms

•  Public areas

•  Amenities to make a child’s stay more comfortable

•  Car parking

Maximeyes will then arrange for your site(s) to be added to the Government database and will inform you if your hotel is chosen, with the room rate that has been offered for use of your facility.

We will constantly be pushing for your hotel to be put to the top of the list and offered a lucrative deal during this troubling time for the hospitality industry.

The fee is 12.5% to be paid on all charges, based on final invoices

We hope that the launch of this new service to our valued hotel clients will help to alleviate some of the financial strain that the hospitality sector is forecasting.

Please do get back to us asap with the details above for each site that you wish to be considered and we will then keep you updated on our progress.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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