Energy Optimisation

Optimise your energy usage to save your business money.

While every business relies on energy, it can be difficult to manage it efficiently. Our energy optimisation team can help you better understand how you are currently consuming energy in your business, then take action to reduce your usage and cut your future costs.

What is Energy Optimisation?


Optimising the way energy is used can have a significant impact on reducing energy bills. Our energy analysts work alongside your team to reduce consumption and costs across all areas of your business.

Gain Insight

Gain intelligence you can act on using advanced analytics platforms and technologies, providing insights to proactively manage your energy infrastructure.

Take Action

Optimise your operations, identify opportunities to improve your energy usage, minimise downtime, and reduce carbon emissions.

Strategic Solutions

Simplify your energy management and infrastructure with end-to-end solutions, industry expertise and a range of commercial options.

“We have been clients of Maximeyes for a number of years and have found them to be a very professional company and would have no hesitation in recommending them. We have a number of residential and nursing homes as well as dental practices and use the services of Maximeyes for all our businesses. The need to secure good pricing from utility companies has never been more important and the ability to understand information provided by them more critical; both tasks are made easy by using the services of Maximeyes.”


Why choose us

Unlike an energy broker we can assist you not only with how to buy your energy smartly, but also with how to find ways to reduce your energy consumption through new technologies.

Your goals may be to manage costs, improve operational efficiency, enhance resilience or reduce CO2 emissions. We’ll understand your business needs, using our expertise to identify the best products and design the solution that's right for you.

From pilot programmes to comprehensive rollouts, our energy specialists make energy management simple – cutting through complexity with straightforward solutions that help you grow your business and drive your business vision forward.

We combine new insights, new technologies and new ways of working to build integrated solutions which put you in control, whist building energy management systems gives you clear oversight of performance and allows you to manage everything in one place.

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