Embracing The ‘Win-Win’ Benefits Of Adding EV Charging To Your Commercial Site

It is fair to say that the UK is yet to realise the commercial and environmental benefits of fully embracing electric vehicles (EVs).  Unlike neighbouring nations such as Norway, which recently became the first country to sell more electric cars than ones which rely on fossil fuels, the proportion of EVs sold in the UK is still relatively small (6.7% in 2019), however, pure electric vehicle sales rose by 184% in 2020, suggesting a sizeable shift in demand by consumers.  

The “Road to Zero” is official government policy

Consumer buying habits will increasingly be shaped by government policy.  The UK government has set an ambitious target of achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050.  As Boris Johnson has stated, as a part of the government’s ‘Road to Zero Strategy’, new cars and vans powered wholly by petrol and diesel will cease to be sold in the UK from 2030.  As a result, the electric car market is now expected to grow at an average rate of over 24% for the next decade, and this will provide new and exciting opportunities.

A wholesale increase in EV charging capacity will be needed

While 2030 may seem like a long way off, it is only nine years.  That means we have nine years to effectively switch our decades-old vehicle fuelling infrastructure from one which is fossil fuel-based to electricity-based.  We can all expect to see a massive increase in the availability of charging infrastructure across the UK, and not just as replacements for mainstream fuel stations.  To meet the charging capacity demands of 2030, far more chargers will appear in our homes, businesses, retail settings, private car parks, and many other places.  However, it is not just a matter of preparing for 2030; all businesses will benefit from implementing charging infrastructure to cope with demand which we are already seeing.  

Why turn your business site into an EV-friendly charging destination?

At the Maximeyes Group, we are working with an increasing number of businesses who have realised the potential of using their site as an EV charging location.  Why?  Because not only will this aid the transition to those businesses to full e-mobility, it will allow them to leverage the potential of their location/site to generate considerable annual revenue.  

We provide fully funded turnkey solutions for EV Charging.  Our EV charging infrastructure offering can ensure that your business benefits from the following:

  1. Zero Capex: Development, construction, operation and maintenance of High Powered EV Charging Infrastructure at no cost to the landlord.
  2. New Revenue Stream: Annual fixed rental of £1000-£1500 per parking bay per site with a long term contract. The number of rented parking bays and chargers will be based on the location. 
  3. Future Proof: Use of best in class technology for rapid charging.  Grid connection upgraded to take care of future demand.
  4. Increase in Property Value: Installing high powered chargers and increase in grid capacity increase the value of the property.
  5. Increase in footfall: EV Charge points open the site to a completely new customer base and strengthens the reputation as a sustainable landlord.

This is what we mean by “win-win”; by allowing EV vehicle owners to use your premises to park and charge, you can secure an easy and passive income.  And depending on the space you have available and your location, this could provide a substantial revenue stream from an otherwise untapped resource.  Simply by becoming a convenient EV charging destination, it may even be possible to attract new clients into your premises to take advantage of your existing or new offerings.  In addition, landlords with EV-enabled premises will be future-proofing their assets and making their sites more attractive to prospective business tenants.

Can I Place an EV Charging infrastructure on my site?

While not all sites in the UK will lend themselves to the installation of an EV charging infrastructure, most will.  Our group company Optimeyes, will help assess the potential of your premises; taking into consideration factors such as:

Locations which are near to major UK motorways and busy A-roads can expect to draw a reliable and consistent flow of EV vehicle drivers, hence additional income.

Call Maximeyes today for more information

To discuss this innovative and exciting offer and the potential for your commercial site/s, contact Maximeyes today. We can carry out a free assessment of your business sites to determine the suitability of each.  And if your site has strong potential, we can then prepare a proposal for an EV charging infrastructure to meet the needs of your business sites.  By embracing the “Road to Zero” revolution as an early adopter, your business can realise substantial benefits not possible until now.


Kieran Bradley2021-02-19 10:15:03

we operate a small hotel and service station in Maghera, N ireland and would like to explore your proposition.

Mark Nathan2021-03-12 09:20:48

Please advise on France - we are a small business in France and we would be keen to have charging facilities for our clients.


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