When redeveloping an existing site there is often a need to organise gas and electric meter removals and supply disconnections to allow site works to proceed safely.

We offer assistance in organising and coordinating all disconnections and meter removals to ensure the site is safe and ready for demolition work. Our unbiased and persistent focus on our clients’ interests often results in considerable cost savings, reduced overheads and shorter project time frames.
We are aware that organising disconnections is often one of the lengthiest elements of the process and may cause unnecessary delays to the project schedule if done incorrectly. We have the experience to get things right first time and can assist in obtaining a plant provision for gas and electricity that will allow your project manager to identify which supplies may need to be disconnected.
Once the details are provided to us, we will obtain the necessary quotations and coordinate with all parties involved to complete the meter and supply disconnections in a timely manner. The standard lead times for disconnections are between 15-20 working days for gas and 20–40 days for electricity so it should always be taken into consideration early when planning the on-site building and demolition works. Upon completion, we will ensure the necessary site clear certification is issued to allow the project to progress without delay.

We can supply you with an accurate budget estimate for new connectivity requirements usually within 24 hours.